Film Frenzy

Season 8 of the amazing xMEC film contest.
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The Leaderboard

Last updated: Final Scores. 25th November, 2022
Each correct answer fetches 5 points. Early birds with each correct answers fetch bonus points.
1st : +25 points
2nd :+20 points
3rd : +15 points
4th : +10 points
5th : +5 points
5th Place
1. Ajin KV
2014 Batch
325 Points
9th Place
2. Rahul Anilkumar
2014 Batch
320 Points
2nd Place
3. Anjana Nair
2013 Batch
270 Points
1st Place
Harikumar K
2011 Batch
235 Points
4th Place
Muhammed Rizwan
2021 Batch
225 Points
10th Place
Faseela K
2010 Batch
185 Points
7th Place
2016 Batch
165 Points
6th Place
Jose J
2006 Batch
160 Points
3rd Place
Dilshan Kunhi
2009 Batch
155 Points
8th Place
Afthab Ali
2015 Batch
135 Points

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