Products to increase fan engagement

As a first of its kind, we offer various things from the entertainment industry to the fans, each of very significant value, solely focused on the problem of increasing engagement with creatives and their fans.
These include:
NFT Collectibles
Early Access Privileges
NFT Shares of OTT Rights
Movie ownership tokens

A stock market for movies

CineTokens is a platform that lets producers tokenize their movies and these tokens are then made accessible to users to purchase, which will let them have an ownership stake in the movie.
These can be investments as users can expect returns on their investments as the movie hits theatres and starts bringing in revenue and profits.

A New Way to Monetize your Film Knowledge

Discover a new way to monetize your film knowledge with CineMoney. Trade movie-related events and predictions, and earn real profits based on your accuracy. It's time to turn your passion for movies into a rewarding experience.
With CineMoney, we're dedicated to creating an engaging and transparent platform for film enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a dynamic community of fellow movie lovers, share insights, and compete in friendly competitions. Join us on this cinematic journey and unlock the exciting world of film trading.
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